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Bringing Asia into Manhattan or peaceful views into an airport or waiting room, FixedFrame.TV offers beauty and escape without advertising.

Relaxing Video at Home

Too many ads, so the set is off when not in use? Why not FixedFrame.TV?

Passive Marketing

Sponsoring the power of FixedFrame in an airport or senior center may well be the quiet and meaningful sponsorship you are seeking.  Help the world relax. CONTACT

What our clients say

The Burlington International Airport in Burlington, VT has had the images for last 5 years:

This is a great resource for travelers who want a bit of an escape while they are waiting.  No news, this is refreshing.

Dr. Liam Magner, Armonk, NY

It's like another trip in a trip.  The images are relaxing and inspiring...I am always waiting for the next.

Isela Marin, Belize City, Belzie.

This is amazing!

Jennifer Hutton, Fair Lawn, NJ

No news, no ads, no stress.

Gary Sabatini, Odessa, TX

About Us

FixedFrame.TV is the brainchild of Steven Rockefeller, Jr. and Denis O'Brien/  Using their active schedules they have collected films from 5 continents and offer this lovely and passive art form to the world

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